Sunday, December 27, 2009


PROVERBS 27:7--A person who is full refuses honey...

Now that we are wrapping up the holiday season, we are thinking about working off all of the extra pounds we gained from all of the great food and desserts. You know what I'm talking about! You eat so much that you lean back on your chair and moan semi-out loud, "I can't eat another bite or I'll explode."

Well, honey is very sweet and very satisfying! However, when someone is stuffed, they don't want any honey. Have you ever walked by Outback Steakhouse after you were full and the smell of steak didn't even smell good?

It's easy to fill my life up with busy church work, sports, TV, and plethora of other things. I get so stuffed with life that when it comes to the pure life of God's presence I can easily refuse it. Wait, a minute...what did you say Jeremy. It's so easy to be stuffed with the "junk food" of this world that we don't enjoy the gourmet buffet of God's presence. God's Word and Spirit bring life to us. The more we eat of this the more we develop an appetite for it. Whatever we consistently eat, we begin to CRAVE!

As we wrap up 2009, begin today to make it a habit of digesting God's Word and spending time in His presence through prayer and worship. Don't allow busyness to make you too full for what's truly important and what truly satisfies.

Write down a few thoughts and goals. Write down some specific action steps, times and places how your thoughts & goals will be a reality. If you need help go to or two great Bible websites.

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