Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Bible is an amazing book! Some books of the Old Testament are as old as 12th century BC. Even though the Bible has been around for centuries, God's Word is still relevant to our daily lives. God's truths are timeless and change who we are no matter what generation we grow up in.

The Bible is really the "flesh" or the guide to what it means to surrender your life to God. It talks about marriage, raising children, finances, sex, friendship, and work all God's way.

Throughout history some people have lived life their own way and others have surrendered control to Christ and done it God's way. I don't know about you but I think God knows best.

If you struggle reading the Bible or have a hard time understanding it, here are a few tips.

#1--check out site allows you to read various translations (I recommend New Living Translation or the Message), search keywords or search by topic like money, fear etc.

#2--Make sure you have or read a translation that you understand

#3--Develop a plan. The Bible is a big book. If you pick it up and randomly read, it can be confusing or overwhelming. Many times its good to read a Proverb a day (coincides with the day of the month) and a chapter from the New Testament (start in John)

#4--Ask others for help or their advice

God's Word can empower and transform your marriage, family, job and life. Pick it up today and begin to let God's truth renew your heart and mind!

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