Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grunt in Church

At Wyandotte Family Church we truly believe in creativity, excellence and relevance in communicating God's word and the experience of church.

The past year and a half we have had the privilege to have Terry Kowalski lead our Grunt Team. He is currently leading one of our D3 Home Based Connection Groups and will continue to serve on the Pavement Posse in the parking lot. However, he is going to be stepping down as director of the Grunt Team.

The past year and a half we also have had the same 4-6 people come for set up. These faithful men & women of God have been used mightily and we value them and appreciate them greatly.

NOW IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GRUNT IN CHURCH!! We are completely overhauling the Grunt team and launching something NEW. Here is the goal.

GOAL #1--Develop 2 Grunt Teams (#1 & #2) who rotate every other month. That way each Grunt team will set up & tear down and see an entire series through. This will allow people to have a month off and be able to stay fresh.

GOAL #2--We already have 1 person who is willing to help lead team #1 so we are praying and looking for someone who will lead team #2.

GOAL #3--Recruit 6 new people who will commit to every other month.

Simply email info@wyandottefamily.com with a yes to joining the grunt team and we can jot your name down to be contacted. You can also experiment and give it a try for a few months. You be surprised at how fun GRUNTING really is.