Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Guardrails for sexual desires

Guardrails has truly been a challenging series!!! You can listen to Guardrails part 3 "Flee Baby Flee" or any previous messages on our website or you can download it from iTunes

Guardrails are so important. They cause a smaller accident in order to prevent a devastating one. They are placed in safe zones to keep us out of the danger zones. Many people refuse or push back on the concept of guardrails because they feel like it is childish. They feel like they are silly to have because wherever guardrails are placed they seem extreme.

However, if we put guardrails to close to the edge of the cliff, we will always go over. Even though we tell ourselves we are strong enough and able to handle it, we know deep down we are not.

The beauty of guardrails is that our conscience is tripped when we bump into them. We stop and get back on the road before we go over the cliff. My prayer for you is that you never have to experience financial, relational, or sexual disaster.

So in the area of physical intimacy and sex, what guardrails have you set up in your life? What plan do you have? What pre-choice choice have you already established? When it comes to sex and physical intimacy, this is one of the most powerful, beautiful and destructive desire. If you listen to the podcast, we go over some guardrails that are good for married people and single people to have in their lives.

Remember, no one ever regrets having guardrails. However, people regret it after they have cheated on their spouse, destroyed their marriage, hurt their children, and ruined their reputation.

Will people think you are too extreme? Will people think you are too conservative? Probably! However, those same people will be the ones bashing you over the head when you have gone over the cliff. Trust God. Do what is best for future, your marriage and your health.

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