Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Undetected Lie no one is talking about

All of the media outlets are covering and pushing Bruce Jenner's reveal. Matter of fact, every time I look on my news app on my phone I see articles about homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexual, thrupples etc. It seems that sexuality has become the #1 news source and what media wants to talk about. 

What many people don't realize, there is a lie that is going undetected. There is a major identity shift that our media is trying to reprogram without people even realizing it. Here is the undetected lie...your sexuality is your identity. 

Just 15 years ago people would introduce themselves by their name. People were known for their service or accomplishments. Now people introduce themselves or build a reputation solely based on their sexuality. "Hi, my name is Sally and I'm bi." "Hi, my name is Bob and I am transgender." 

Here is the problem. We are so much more than sexual beings. Yes, sexuality is a big part of our lives. God created it and created it to be good. However, we also are spiritual, emotional, and intellectual beings. When we try to find our identity in anything other than God, it simply doesn't work. It will always leave us empty and searching. Why? We were created for so much more. 

Matthew 6 teaches us that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then the other areas of our lives will fall into place. The very longing of our hearts and the very desires of our souls are fulfilled first in our relationship with God. If that isn't in place, then no amount of sex, sex changes or partners will fill that void. 

I hope we realize the undetected lie is actually degrading and making us as humans less important and special. We were created in the image of God and matter. Our identity is in Him. No matter where you find yourself on the debates, Seek God first. Make Him your identity because sex can't produce that. Your identity is not your sexuality. You are so much more.