Monday, December 28, 2009


As I sit back and think about 2009, it truly was one of the best years ever. We got to spend more time together as a family than ever before. We traveled to Iowa 4 times in which one trip was on a train. We got to see our friends in Minnesota three times. It has been tons of fun.

I also think of the amazing people that have invested and poured into our lives.
  • I think of my wife who has been an amazing servant and support!
  • I think of my family who has worked hard in serving and giving following the vision God has given us for Wyandotte.
  • I think of the core team who has been faithful, allowing God to direct and stretch
  • I think of Real Life & Pastor Shawn & Sonny. Thank you so much for everything!!!
  • I think of Steve Bradshaw and the AG District Office. Thank you for always being there and for your guidance.
  • I Think of BCC & Pastor Nate. Thank you for your encouragement and belief.
  • I think of Northville Christian and it's entire staff. Thanks for opening up your arms and embracing us as your own.
  • I Think of Freedom Christian A/G and pastor Aaron Hlavin. Thank you for being the one of the firsts to jump on board and support us monthly.
  • I think of Brighton A/G & Pastor Brad. Thanks for allowing Julie and I to come and even have the privilege to speak. Your support has been a blessing.
  • I think of Monroeville A/G & Pastor Lance. Thank you for always believing in us!!!
  • I think of Bethel A/G & Pastor John Peck who has been a huge support and fan of what we are doing. Your thoughtful words and willingness to help as blown me away.
  • I think of Woodland & Pastor Clanton. Your time & wisdom over lunches have been challenging and much appreciated.
  • I think of the Metro & Metro South sections who have invested in us financially. WOW!
  • I think of all of our individual supporters who faithfully send money in every month and never miss a beat. Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to reaching those who haven't crossed over into a walk with Christ yet.

I guess all of that to say, it has been very humbling and refreshing to see the body of Christ operate in full force. God has called us to change the spiritual climate of Wyandotte, to reach those who haven't crossed over yet and to strengthen and empower families. There is no way we can do it alone.

Please pray as we launch weekly gatherings January 10, 2010. We are also going to reach out and serve once a month as we move toward public launch.

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