Monday, July 19, 2010

New Song Forever Reigns

Take a few moments and watch this new worship video!
Listen to the lyrics and have fun in God's presence!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Faith part 2

The last blog we talked about what it means to really have a relationship with God, the amazing creator of our lives and the universe.

Once you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and once you surrender your life to God, then what?

When we cross the line into a relationship with God we change citizenship's. We become citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20). Because of God's grace and mercy, heaven becomes our home and our destination.

We also get the privilege to walk with God in relationship and to live for His glory on this earth. We get to use the gifts, talents, energy, time, and money he gives us to worship and honor him every day. What an exciting adventure. He gives us purpose not just for the future but also in the present!

In 1 Samuel 2:12 we read about Eli's sons who were priests serving at the temple. Yet we read in this verse that they were wicked and had no regard (no experience or perception) for the Lord. They did whatever they wanted and ignored the heart of God. They thought because of their position and title they could do whatever they wanted.

This is where a lot of followers of Christ get tripped up. For years, many have fallen into a set of legalistic rules that squelched their relationship with God away. Manyy turned following God into a list of rules that was void of life. GOD was not pleased. So the pendulum has swung the other way, where many claim to follow Christ but they live their lives for themselves and order their lives for how they think is best. He is not pleased with this either.

Always remember, that God has our best interest in mind. Everything He asks us to do is for our benefit and will bring the best outcome. When we read His Word and follow His ways, it always brings true life. No matter how it hard it seems, you never regret following God's way.

If you finish reading 1 Samuel 2 & 3 you will find out what happens to Eli's sons. They reap the results of their own actions. It is not good.

Have you crossed the line into a relationship with God yet? If not, today is the perfect day! if you have, are you living your life God's way or your own? Do you know what God's plan and will for your daily life is? We get the amazing privilege to read God's Word and to discover His plan for our lives. Let's be people who follow Him completely! Let's let God change us who we are on the inside and everything will take care of itself.