Saturday, July 18, 2009


Isolation. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? What do you picture? The first image that comes to my mind is solitary confinement. A prisoner being isolated in the darkness with no human contact. This is the worse form of punishment or torture. Why? Because we were created by God in His image. We were created for relationship and interaction.

Question of the Day: Is there an area of your life that is isolated from God or from those closest to you?

Satan's #1 weapon is isolation. If He can get us alone we are a sitting duck. The more authentic relationships we have where we can be real and yet encourage each other spiritually the stronger we become. (just read Ecclesiastes 4). He also tries to isolate us from God through shame, condemnation and lies.

Challenge of the day: Take the one area of your life that is most isolated from God and others and spend time today talking to God about it. Open up and Let Him shine His light and grace on that area of your life. Also take time to share it with someone you trust. If you don't think you can trust anyone, give it a try and start today.

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