Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brown Paper Bag

If I put a $100,000 diamond in an old, crumpled paper bag and threw it on the pavement, most people would walk right over it. There would be a valuable treasure right before their eyes yet most people would walk right pass it and never discover whats really inside.

Galatians 2:6, John 7:24, & 1 Samuel 16:7 all talk about not looking at the outward appearance.

Just like the brown paper bag with a $100,000 diamond, there are people all around us that have an amazing value, and destiny in Christ that needs to be unwrapped.

We look at what we are, while God looks at what we can be. Take a few moments today and spend some extra time unwrapping peoples lives through quality time, being present, eye contact and genuine interest.
Question of the day: Who can you spend a little extra time with today unwrapping their true value and potential?

lesson concept from Dream Releasers by Wayne Cordeiro

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