Monday, July 27, 2009

Battery Operated

Life is battery operated (well, not really but bare with me for a moment) Just like a battery, life always has a positive and a negative side. We don't have to work hard or look long to find the negative side of life. In every situation we are in, that seems to be the side that wants to rise to the top. However, there is also a positive side to every situation as well. Those who have been in pretty traumatic situations may disagree yet if we pause long enough we can see a positive that comes out of all situations.

For instance, at the beginning of the month we had a booth at the Wyandotte Street Fair. We were placed in the Jimmy John's parking lot off the beaten' path, being blocked by other tents. However, because of our location we really got a chance to talk and spend quality time with families. In the end we had built better connections then if we would have been on the main drag. I also remember the million and one thoughts that raced through our heads as our lead pastor left within 6 months of our family moving to ROC church in Northville to be the youth pastors. Were we going to have to move again? Could we stay and continue to serve this amazing church and community? Yet, God gave me a great friendship and a mentor in Mike Morche and an encourager and mentor in Michael Norman. We grew so much in this time of transition. I can see now God was preparing us for this church plant in Wyandotte.

Philippians 1:12 Paul talks about the positive that came out of his imprisonment. He could have griped, complained, got bitter, angry and took it out on others. However, he knew that life is "battery operated" (even though there weren't batteries yet) and that there is a positive in every situation. Listen to the positives he states that came out of his imprisonment.
#1--Advancement of the Gospel
#2--the whole imperial guard heard about Christ
#3--Most of the Christians gained confidence
#4--Most of the Christians were encouraged to speak more boldly

Challenge of the day: What situation are you facing right now that is frustrating, draining, or causing you problems? Write down 2 positive elements that either are in the midst of it or that can come as a result of it?

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