Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Connected like a puzzle

This past Sunday was part 4 of our SERIES "FAITH-FULL." We are going through the book of James in the New Testament and learning how to live a faith-filled life. You can listen to part 4a "Connected" on on our website at or you can listen on iTunes at

We talked about how all of our relationships are connected with each other. Our vertical relationship with God and horizontal relationships with each other. We shared 3 practical ways to draw close to God on Sunday. 

For this blog I wanted to cover the horizontal relationships with each other. 

1.Take a moment and read James 4:6-11 &  James 5:9
                    a.    What do these two verses have in common?
b.    In context of chapters 4 & 5 how would this effect our relationship with God?
2. Read the following verses that speak to our horizontal relationships with each other.
          a.    Romans 12:18—what is our goal in horizontal relationships? 
b.    Since Paul put the phrase as much as possible what does that imply?
c.    Matthew 5:23-24—In this passage, what is more important than sacrifice (worship?) 
d.    1 Peter 3:7—What does this verse will happen if husbands are not loving their wives?
e.    Matthew 22:37-40—The two greatest commandments are connected via relationships 

3.  Have you seen this principle of connection in your own life? (where the horizontal effects the vertical and vice versa)?

4.  Is there a specific relationship that you are praying about that needs some attention or reconciliation?

5.  What specific steps do you need to take to apply this teaching?

  Our relationship with God affects our relationship with others. Our relationship with others affects our relationship with God. They are connected. I pray that we learn to value this principle and strive to live a life of constant growth and pursuit.  

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