Friday, November 13, 2009


Have you ever read something in a newspaper or saw a story on TV and thought to yourself..."really." Just like the hard hitting reality of watching "Super Size Me." When you saw the bonus features and watched what he did with french fries you said to yourself, "really? I know there weren't healthy but nothing real in them at all?"

I challenge you to go on a journey of reading what people call the "Gospels" in the Bible (Mathew, Mark, Luke & John). They are the four books in the New Testament that reveal the life and words of Christ in detail.

As you read these four books you will have many "really" moments in your life. One of them is a small but overlooked truth! The majority of Jesus' miracles were done outside of the temple and often to those who weren't followers of Christ yet. You may be asking, "what's so significant about that?"

God's power and Spirit isn't limited to a building on Sunday! For all those who are available and ready God will pour out His power through you so you can reach this world.

Question of the day: When is the last time you read one of the Gospels? It's time for a new "really" moment

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