Sunday, November 8, 2009

Information Overload

Any fact, trivia, story or person is at your fingertips. There is more information easily accessible then we ever could have dreamed or imagined.

However, I remember a mentor once told me, "Jeremy, it's not he who has the most information who wins but he who applies it."

At Wyandotte Family Church we recently discussed the beginning stages of developing a personal growth plan. Selecting three areas in our lives that need changed and developing specific action steps in order to achieve the change.

We are selecting one of our three to focus on for the month November. It's one thing to know we need to change and it's another to do something about it. Let's not get stuck in the quicksand of "good intentions." Let's develop a plan, share it with others and apply the information.

#1--what areas in your life need changed or strengthend? Don't know...spend a few moments asking God to reveal a few areas?
#2--what are some specific action steps that will help you achieve that change?
#3--Which one can you focus on first?
#4--Who can you share your plan with?

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