Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's not supposed to be easy!

This past Sunday we kicked off our NEW SERIES "JONAH" This entire series we are looking at the popular Bible story of Jonah and learning from Jonah's successes and failures. We also are learning how faithful God is, even when we are not." You can listen to the podcast or download it at   

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For Part 1 we talked about how Jonah ran from God's call because it took him out of his comfort zone. The slogan from Sunday was, "God's call takes us out of our comfort zone." 

Staying in our comfort zone is so easy. We have no need to be stretched. We have not need to be challenged. We have no need to endure pain and growth. We can just sit comfortably in the safe comfort zone. We know what to expect and we know what is going to happen. That is why we often struggle with following God's call on our life. His call takes us out of our comfort zone. His call takes us to the unknown. His call takes us to a place we have never been before and it forces us to depend on Him. 

This was nothing new in Scripture. There are many people who who called outside of their comfort zone. Abraham was called out of his hometown and was called to leave his family to go to a place that was unknown. Moses spent 40 years in the dessert of Middian and was doing quite well. Yet, God called him to go to back to Egypt and confront the most powerful person on the planet at that time. God asked the 12 disciples to leave their familiar jobs and expertise to follow Him and become fishers of men. All unknown. All were new experiences that were stretching them out of their comfort zones. Yet, as each one obeyed, they experienced God and His faithfulness at a whole new level. 

What is God calling you to do? Is there someone specific at work, school or neighborhood He is asking you to share your faith with? Is there a ministry at church he is asking you to start or get involved with? Is there someone new to the faith He is asking you to mentor and meet with? Is there a new skill or focus He is asking you to pursue and study? 

Trust God and allow Him to take you out of your comfort zone. You will never regret trusting God and taking that next step. As you step out of your comfort zone you will discover God in more deep and meaningful ways. You don't want to stay in your lazy boy chair. There is so much more waiting for you! 

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