Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This is a test...only a test!

This past Sunday we continued our SERMON SERIES "Storms" We talked about how some storms are actually a test to reveal what's on the inside. Some storms also help us become stronger!!. If you missed the message you can listen to it at or you can listen on iTunes at This Sunday we will conclude our series with Part 4: "Praise Him in the storm."

Think about all of the times you have really grown in your life. What was it that caused you to grow? What caused you to pray more? What caused you to be more disciplined? What caused you to learn more or to educate yourself more strategically?

Usually its the storms we face that reveal what is truly on the inside. A heart attack reveals that we had blocked arteries. Being really overweight often reveals that there are other issues inside. Losing a job and seeing how we handle the situation reveals where our trust really lies.

It is actually the storms in life that push us, stretch us, and force us to grow. They are never fun, pleasant or easy. Yet, they build in us character, strength, integrity and stamina.

May whatever storm you are facing right now cause you to become more like Jesus. May your storm build in you what comfort could not.

During the month of MAY we also are having everyone vote for what topics they would like to hear addressed during the month of JUNE. You can go NOW to and vote for your favorite topic. If there isn't a topic you like you can also add your own.
We are encouraging everyone from the community, from your families and from the church to participate. YOU MATTER! YOU PICK!!

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  1. Really loving the storms series. Powerful stuff to remember when things get tough.