Monday, October 8, 2012

PAIN OF LOSS (going practical)

This past Sunday we started our NEW series "Pain Killers" with part 1: Pain of Loss.  

You can listen to this message on on our website at or you can listen on iTunes at

I wanted to follow up this week and share some practical actions steps we can all take to allow God to comfort us with His presence, His promises and His people. Here is a great quote..."It's not he who has the most information that wins, but He who applies it" --Konan Stephens

#1--His Presence

*When you are going through the pain of loss, spending time in prayer & worship is vitally important. Talking to God, pouring out your feelings and thoughts to Him (authentically) and listening to His voice provides genuine comfort. 

Here are two songs that are very meaningful and encouraging when you are going through the process of grieving...

#2--His Promises 

Getting into the word of God and clinging to His promises gives you the strength and comfort in time of grieving. Here is a great way to read God's promises and to receive the comfort He gives through them.
  • W. Word (what promises stick out to you in the current stage you are in?)
  • A. Application (How does this promise connect to your life?)
  • T. Talk (Talk to God about the promises you are standing on and trusting Him with)
  • C. Confession (Confess your honest struggles and thank Him for the truth of His word)
  • H. Holy Spirit (Listen to the Spirits voice and or direction as you pray)
#3--His People 

Here is a list of our current home groups going on right now!!!

  • Starting Point (11 week adventure through the story of God & the Bible.) led by Ann & Nick Romanick. This group is great for seekers, new believers or those who want to be refreshed on the basics.
    *Monday's at 6:30pm Contact them at 313-820-4640
  • D3 Dearborn (Deeper Discipleship & Discussion) led by David & Nadine Buzzeo. This group will go deeper, study and discuss the sermons from Sunday Morning.*Tuesday's at 6:30pm Contact them at 313-207-1755
  • D3 Wyandotte (Deeper Discipleship & Discussion) led by Rose Gyorke & John Fulmer. This group will go deeper, study and discuss the sermons from Sunday Morning. *Wednesday's at 6:30pm Contact them at 313-613-7007
  • D3 Brownstown (Deeper Discipleship & Discussion) led by Johnny & Theresa Saenz & Evan & Erin Distad. This group will go deeper, study and discuss the sermons from Sunday Mornings*Thursday's 6:00pm Contact them at 313-215-0915

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