Wednesday, October 17, 2012

40 days to a joy filled life!

This past Sunday continued our NEW series "Pain Killers" with part 2: Pain of Suffering.  

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As a pastor I get the privilege and opportunity to talk, encourage and pray with many people. From my personal experience over the past 12 years of full time ministry, I've seen the amount of people battling depression increase. Many are suffering with the pain of depression or discouragement!
More and more people I talk to are not satisfied with their lives, are discouraged or just lack purpose. As a result many are lacking genuine joy in their hearts. 

How would life be different for you if you expereinced true joy? Imagine how your relationships could improve with joy? Imagine how your job could be impacted by joy? Our circumstances may not change in the near future but you and I can. 

I challenge you to take the "40 day to a Joy Filled Life" challenge. ( This book has 2-3 pages to read every day for 40 days. I love 
it because it's not overwhelming and very attainable for the busy. There is even a FREE 3 chapter PDF you can download before you buy the book. Right now it's on sale on Amazon for $9.98. 

My pray is that we will learn to live lives of genuine joy that positively encourage and impact everyone around us. Our families, marriages, jobs, and community can be strengthened by joy! May we be the ones to take the challenge and experience true joy!!!

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