Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love loses itself

Julie & I just had our 3rd child almost 4 months ago. There is something powerful, mystical and amazing when it comes to babies. We love babies with all of our hearts. We get up in the middle of the night and lose sleep to feed them and change their diapers. We protect them and keep them warm. We do everything we can to love and take care of them.

Did you ever think of why? What have babies ever done to deserve that kind of love? Nothing! (except be adorable). 

That kind of love is the kind of love our heavenly Father gives us. A love that is sacrificial and a love that is unconditional. 

We are great at giving that kind of love to babies however we are not so good at giving that kind of love to others that have grown up. We get hurt, offended, betrayed, used, neglected and abandoned. Our heart grows cold and we build walls. 

I pray that we return back to the kind of love that God calls us to live and give. A love that is unconditional and a love that is sacrificial. When we begin to love others this way we will see much fruit!

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