Sunday, October 18, 2009


ps. turn volume all the way up...not best sound quality

Perspective...can be an enemy of God. Why? Many people in our culture have the above view of Jesus and His followers. Most people who watch this video clip can't help but laugh and crack up. However, I don't think this video is that funny. The two creators of this video aren't Christians and from their perspective wanted to mock God.

They truly believe Jesus' entire role and existence is to walk around and point out what's wrong with them. That perspective is funny because if you study the Bible and the life of Jesus, He was nothing like that. Jesus never condoned sin or made exceptions for it, however, He lived His life with compassion and love for people.

On of our big dreams at Wyandotte Family Church is to crush this ungodly perspective in Wyandotte and the downriver area and replace it with the reality of who Jesus really is.

Follow me on this journey over the next 2-3 blogs as we study the life of Jesus.

Question of the day: Have you ever felt this way before or have had this perspective? If so, has it changed? What changed it? Have you met someone who feels this way? What can you do this week to be a part of God's grace and love?

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