Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Living in 3D part 2

This past Sunday we continued our SERIES "Just Walk Across the Room." This entire series we are looking at how to share our faith in natural way regardless of your personality type or experience.." You can listen to the podcast or download it by clicking here WYANDOTTE FAMILY PODCAST

You can also download an Amazon App for only $1.99 and have easy access to all of the podcasts right on your Android Smart phone or tablet. 

The first D in 3D living is learning to DEVELOP FRIENDSHIPS. The 2nd D in 3D living is Discovering other peoples story!

Everyone has a story. Each persons story has some good moments, bad moments, joyful moments and painful moments. Our stories our good indicators of why and who we are today. When you get to know someones story you can relate and connect with them in greater ways. When you learn someones story you can be compassionate instead of critical. 

So how do you learn someones story? Ask questions! Ask more questions than you talk about yourself. Find out about the other persons life. Here are some great starter questions...
  1. What was your childhood like growing up? 
  2. As a teen/young adult what did you dream of doing? 
  3. Have you always worked in this field/line of of work? 
  4. What was your spiritual life like growing up? 
  5. Where do you usually find your happiness from? 
  6. Has there been a season of your life that you have enjoyed the most? Why? 

There is obviously thousands of more questions you could ask but these questions will begin to help you develop of habit of getting to know other peoples stories. As you learn other peoples stories, you will see natural doors open up for you to share your faith.  

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