Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bed Time Stories

We continued our series this past Sunday "Stories" With special guests "Life Challenge" from Detroit. 4 students shared how their life hit rock bottom due to drugs and alcohol but now they have been transformed by the power and grace of Jesus Christ!!! You can listen to the podcast at http://www.wyandottefamily.com/listen.html or you can download it from iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wyandotte-family-church/id478735158  

This next Sunday we'll be having some college students from the University of Michigan and Matthew & Julie Payne from Chi Alpha.

How many of you remember being told bed time stories growing up? Maybe it was your grandma or grandma. Maybe it was your mom or dad. Maybe it was an aunt, uncle or cousin. Regardless, growing up as kids we loved to hear stories read to us or told to us.

Now that we all are mature adults, nothing has really changed. No we may not be told bed time stories but nothing speaks to the core of our hearts like stories. That is why we love watching the based on a real life story movie. That is why we love the ABC or NBC specials. That is why many woman love to watch Lifetime or behind the scene stories. Nothing speaks more to us than a powerful and meaningful story.

Most people don't realize that the Bible is one story. There are two parts to it; Old Testament and New Testament. There are 66 books but one central main character. One person that is the center of it all, Jesus Christ.

When we cross the line into a relationship with Jesus, we become a part of a GREATER STORY. We become part of a story that includes millions of characters and that is still unfolding. We become a part of the story of God!

If you have never taken time to think through and write out your story, I encourage you to join one of our weekly home groups for the remaining 6 weeks. People will be taking time to work on their stories and then share them with the group. What a safe place to practice and take a growth step.

PS. Our next water baptism is Sunday, March 30th. We are excited to celebrate more stories and peoples lives that have been transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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