Thursday, April 18, 2013

Can I be successful?

This past Sunday we continued our SERMON SERIES "What if we have it all wrong?" We looked at what success really is and what God defines success as. If you missed the message you can listen to it at or you can listen on iTunes at

Why don't you grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit in your favorite spot and read Matthew 25:14-28.

#1--What does the master value in this parable? What does the master praise?

#2--Why does he call the 3rd servant wicked? What was different with him from the other two?

#3-According to this passage would success equal the amount of money and possessions each servant had or faithfulness?

#4--If success is faithfulness to what we have been given, how faithful are you currently being in the following areas?
   *Finances, relationships, time?

#5--How can you be more faithful?

I love this quote my Jeanne Mayo, "SMALL acts of seemingly insignificant discipline eventually reap MAGNIFICENT results."

Success is not what others see but what God sees...faithfulness! That means we can all be successful!!

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