Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's start a soul train

This past Sunday we continued our SERMON SERIES "Love 4th Power." We took another look at what Jesus said was the most important commandment. Jesus summed up the entire Bible in a few verses. For Part 3 We focused on the "Soul." If you missed this past Sunday or any other, you can listen on-line at or you can listen on iTunes at

Every week at Wyandotte Family we have a slogan that everyone repeats through the message. The slogan from this past week was "God wants the real me, what others cannot see."

I think its really kind of ironic. The things we feel we need to hide from God are the things He wants us to give to Him. However, we try to hide the areas of our lives that aren't very pretty. As a result we find ourselves having  private life and a public life.

God doesn't want us to be religious or pretend on Sunday's. He knows us inside and out anyway. We can't pull a fast one over on Him.

I pray that we all learn to be authentic with God. I pray that we will open up our souls to Him and allow Him in to every room and dark corner of our heart. The amazing thing we will find out is that where light enters, darkness can't be. Go ahead an turn off the lights for a second in your room. As soon as you turn on the light, darkness is no more. When we allow God into our souls and we lay everything before Him, then we are in position to experience true grace, love and transformation.

When we begin to be a people that love God with all of our soul, we will be starting a new kind of "soul train." A soul train to experiencing real life!

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