Sunday, June 19, 2011

Iron Man

What a great Father's Day Gathering. We continued our series "Heroes" and looked at the super hero "Iron Man." He conquered many villains and saved many lives but had a hard time leading himself personally.

We looked how a true iron man leads others by leading himself first. So how does a man lead allowing God to lead him.

We looked at 1 Kings 19 and how Elijah stood in the presence of God. When he stood in the presence of God he...

#1--Heard this still small voice of God

#2--He was able to unload his frustrations & stress on God
#3--God gave him a new perspective of his current situation

#4--God sent him back & re-called him to the very place he was running from

When we get into the presence of God the same amazing things happen to us as well. I know you want to be a great father, husband and follower of Christ. I know you want to be a leader. A real iron man leads others by leading himself first.

Let's make it a priority this week to spend time with God every day on our own. If you don't know how, just ask someone you know to help. You can journal, worship, read your Bible, go for a prayer walk or drive or just sit and talk to God in your living room. Let's pursue God and hear his voice, pour out our hearts to him and allow His voice, perspective & calling to lead us every day!

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