Monday, April 11, 2011

Purpose Has Power

This past Sunday was part 2 in our Journey with Jesus series. We looked at the "Life of Jesus." We talked about how Jesus lived His live with amazing purpose and He never wavered. We looked at the reality...Purpose has power!

We were all challenged with this question, "What purpose is driving our life?" Are we living on purpose or just surviving? What controls how we invest our time, energy & money?

Below are five God-ordained purposes for our lives. I pray that one of these grips your heart this week and that you focus on living on purpose with purpose. Hey, if we focused on one purpose at a time, we will be suprised at the growth & change!

Purpose #1--To worship God with our lives ** I will focus on honoring God with my life at home, work, alone etc. I will write myself little reminders this week at the most frequented spots to help me remember my purpose

Purpose #2--To genuinely connect with others who have a relationship with Jesus (community) **I will intentionally pray for everyday for someone else this week *I will contact someone else from Wyandotte Family & connect with them outside of the gathering

Purpose #3--To grow closer to God **I will spend at least 5 minutes a day in prayer this week talking and listening to Him *I will continue to read the Bible everyday even though the 29 challenge is over

Purpose #4--To live Missionally & serve others **I will prayerfully look to serve 1 person a day as the opportunity arises *If I am not currently involved in a ministry at Wyandotte Family I will pray about what area to get involved in this week and fill out a communication card on Sunday

Purpose #5--Giving **I will read a Bible verse on giving/generosity every day this week & ask God how I can grow in giving

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